Bengali Culture

Bengali Marriage

Bengali marriage is built on principles derived from traditional values as well as religious beliefs as nurtured through ages of Bengali society. In this occasion all the members of a marrying couple unite, arrange things together for the ceremony to take place, program the event items to be observed, coordinate with the invitees, and so on. But all these are done in an environment filled with happiness, cordiality, and teamworkThe detail process of a carrying out a marriage observance consists of several services which are primarily performed by the women folks of the families and are addressed for the marrying couple. The actual marriage ceremony is conducted by the priest following the Vedic rituals from the Hindu religion with the mission to unite the souls of two people for setting up a new life together for the onward journey. Along with bestowing their blessings, all the invitees offer the couples some usable gifts. A sumptuous banquet is also served by the hosting family for all the attendees to commemorate the event.

Bengali Pujas

Bengali Culture is embellished with worshiping of several Gods and Goddesses during various times throughout the year. All deity adorations carry one or more kinds of inherent intent for the fulfillment of our lives both religiously and emotionally. Usually our priests conduct these Pujas with utmost devotion and help us to offer our prayers to the Almighty. All these spiritual practices have existed for a very long time in our society and always got bequeathed to next generation without loosing the esteems. Even in this country our community is upholding these traditions.Durga Puja is the biggest event that Bengalis celebrate every year. The whole Bengali community, in India as well as here, comes alive for the five days of merriment. Along with Durg-mata worshipping, cultural programs, community dinner, and social mixing also dominate the Puja arenas. This Puja is a remarkable keystone of our Bengali culture.

Bengali Cultural Programs

Our cultural programs are principally designed to promote performing arts practices of Bengal. Drama, folk music, modern song, and classical music are mainly the components on which we formulate most of our cultural events for staging. While encouraging contributions from our own members, we also try to sponsor overseas artists to create a comprehensive program for the pleasure of our audience. This way we keep our cultural link from Bengal more effectively and convey that to our viewers.