Our Achievements


We launched our inaugural event at the Kallol Kobi Jayanti with the time-tested and traditional fundraising effort; a snack stall. Armed with jhalmuri, soda, ghugni and kebab and a lot of enthusiasm, we executed some hard-sell tactics and managed to hand bowls of "muri" to pretty much anyone who passed by. Thanks to everyone's generosity and support and of course to the mouthwatering taste of our "muri" we raised an impressive total of $365 from our maiden venture. Since then we have raised and disbursed thousands of dollars but the magic of that first fund raiser is still fresh in our memory!



From January 2007, women's forum started thinking big! Going by the support of the community and the success of our preceding ventures,we got the sense that we were ready for a big fund raiser. Lots of meetings, hundreds of e-mails,teleconferences and trips to venues later our Valentine's Day Bash happened on 1st March 2007. Since then this has become the shining star of our fund raising events. We have hosted a successful Valentine's Day party where the community has wined and dined and danced the night away with us for this wonderful cause!

In 2008 we started an initiative with the help of the then Executive committee and long standing Kallol senior members, to join Kallol officially. We felt that this would make both raising and disbursement of funds easier . 

One year later, at the March 2009 AGM, we were formally inducted as sub-committee beginning a new potentially fruitful chapter in the life of our organization. 

2010 has been robust and exciting for us so far. We began the year with an initiative to attract new members and thanks to tireless efforts from many of us, we have succeeded. Many new faces have joined our ranks formally while many others have pledged to help from the sidelines. This gives us great hop for the future and carries us forward in our mission to help those who are less fortunate.